Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Winter Blahs

Wow it's cold!

No fun to even feed the birds on days like this... much less think about oil prices over $3/gallon.

I actually shut down my largest unit for the winter... Cut the losses and overhead for a few months and refigure how to proceed.

The back building at Green St is a 4 unit that gets it's heat from the front building. Both buildings are on one deed and maybe that's something that can be changed. If I put 4 small gas furnaces in the back building, do a subdivision, then I could sell the buildings individually AND the tenants int he back building would be paying their own heat!!!! Wheeee!!

Will talk to plumber buddy on a joint venture to see if he'll fund the heating plants from proceeds of the sale of the building.

Selling two good size buildings could be a lot easier than selling one monstersize building. Will probably yield faster and higher prices also. Will keep you informed.

Happy three day week!


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