Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back in the groove

OK, now Today I feel like things are coming back into alignment... Holidays, three day weeks,,, odd Mondays that wern't part of any week... ugh.

UP early. Loaded the AUDI with business brochures for calls today and layouts for noon meeting with a networking group. Here's the plan.

Head to Harrisburg to start business calls by 8:00 at east end of retail district. ( this is not house stuff,,, it's my 'day-business' ). Camp Hill by noon for post holiday lunch with networking group. Back into town to catch Farm Show and find a booth I missed this weekend about wind generators. ( generate electricity, not wind). Stop at Panera Bread to check the internet. Then to Palmyra for an evening and tomorrow of work.

The house is getting closer... only two glaring items are the kitchen cabinets and the tub surround. Will tackle tub this evening (allowing time to get to Lowes for parts, if needed) and kitchen in the AM.

Itemized what I need for those two projects... tools are starting to migrate home and I don't need to be left without something important... 1x4, adhesive, plumbing tools and misc fittings, drill, check credit cards for avail balances, jeans and work duds, shaving kit (seems like old times!).


Will let you know tomorrow how well I did... Happy Thursday! Jeff

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