Sunday, December 30, 2007


OK,,, so helpp me out here. PHOTOS:

On a snow day I stayed home to work on paying bills and organizing stuff... did some prospecting for an alternate venture. 9 AM head to Redners for TP. (tissue) which seemed to have reached it's last leaf.

Thru the store, not crowded due to snow. After checkout I roll over to the postit board to see whao's got junk for sale and what treasure I might stumble across in Shendoah, PA. Down on the right was a fresh zerox copy of FISBO with pic of little 2-BR "renovated ready-to-rent" row house for $12,900. I tear off the phone # and figure I'll drive by.

By the time I reached gilbert St I had lost the phone # and couldn't renember the address, so I just headed north (it's only 4 blocks long) to find the place with a FISBO sign.

#28 looked pretty abandoned, the door was ajar on a frosty morning, so ipulled over to investigate. No one answered the door and I could see tons of junk/personal belongings/pizza boxes strewen throughout the living room... A likely candidate for the one that was advertised. I know... trash does not fit the 'ready to rent' item, but it's all in the eye of the beholder.

Back in the car and head north. #125 had FISBO sign in window and looks pretty nice... looks too nice to be $12,900 but I jotted down the phone # and continued. no other prospects. OK, resort to embarasment... called the grocery store and begged for them to retrieve the phone #. They did and I called and left a message.

Called Mike and he gave me his typical "you're gonna make me come up there" speach and promised to call the other FISBO.

Next day the seller called and identified the address as #210 and they are putting ad in the paper tomorrow. Called g/f Sally and asked her to pick up a check at my place ( the signed check under a magnet on the back of the refrigerator) and visit the house to make a deposit.
That went well and she said the house looked great. I'm out of town till Fri PM so we set appt to visit then.

Skip to now... house is a cutie. Should rent for $400+ and I need $12,900 in 10 days...

Where's the line-of-credit now that I could use it??? Maxed!

Happy Sunday,

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