Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brandonville bath remake

This is the original album of my bath makeover at the house in Brandonville.   Much of my time here is spent gardening.

haven't posted for ages...

My palmyra house pretty much ended my flipping project...  lost a fortune.

Am working on my place in Brandonville and will post pics from time to time.

Enjoy your renovations!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

So where do you come up with these places?

Subject: Re: my blog

George writes:
Dear Jeff,
The blog was very interesting - the question is, where do you come up with these places? Anyway, I don't have any money right now, but keep me posted on what you're doing - you can never tell when that'll change!
Regards, George

Good Morning, George! Where to come up with them?
I think it was 1977 when I started looking at houses... One of the "no money down" books at that time (probably Rimmer's "Nothing Down") talked about just keeping your eyes open. There are two key websites for me right now. Hooks Van Holm and Ocwan. The first lists HUD foreclosures here in PA, and the second handles the VA foreclosures. The $12,900 Shenandoah deal was on a postit note at the grocery store. And, from time to time, Realtors do find good buys.

It's getting to where most counties have Sheriff's Sales posted on the internet, although they are not necessarily free and clear. Ditto for county tax sales.

We have 4 houses in mind right now that are in the good-to-great category that we just don't have the money for... along with at least three or four of our own that haven't sold yet... looks like a slow start to the year.

Enjoy the day!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Buy to remodel?

I know that this blog needs more attention... to many things in life to focus on just one... whatever!

Here's a link to an article that really sparked my interest. A Realtor who takes a contractor along to show houses. The home buyer can get an on the spot opinion of the complexity of making changes while touring the property, right up front.

We actually did exactly this a few years ago in Hazleton. The situation was such that I was helping an investor friend find her first project. My job was to find the house, do the estimate and to the rehab... worked perfect!! The Realtor was shocked at the poor condition of the property ( Double house that needed the center wall raised 6"!) To me it looked like three weeks of lifting and a month to rehab the rest... came out right on the money. The investor held it for just over a year and practically doubled her investment.

Here's the article.

Enjoy the day! Jeff

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Barnesville revisited

Last night I cut and pasted floor plans and I think I have something workable. Am going to treat the existing structure as an outline and move everything. Will end up with about 1700 sq ft, three decent bedrooms and all new paint and flooring.

Dan is giving me price on repairing and enclosing the entire front and east side. I'll take on the interior. Want to have a 90 day plan and see if I can accomplish that. Here's the slide show of the existing house <<<

Finish by Memorial day!? Great target!


Friday, February 1, 2008

Found one!

Buddy Mike emailed an address yesterday. A forclosure about 15 miles from here, in a quite rural area that I like! $19,900 and worth the trip to check it out.

Of course, I mappointed the location but didn't read the directions so I was 1/2 mile away asking people where Park Street was... Everyone agreed that the old Park Street was now Manassas ( or something like that) so the #54 I was looking for didn't exist... a call to Mike turned up the correct directions and I scooted south.

No camera ( or so I thought... it was buried in the back seat), so no pics. Place is a bit 'pieced together' but workable. listed for $19,900 as is. Small lot, but has deck and aboveground pool. Quiet side street facing south toward over grown valley and mountain which had been amusement park 50 years ago. Minutes from interstate.

Last time it sold it was $30,000, apraised for $39,000. Should go for easy $55 - $75 if upgraded and marketed right. needs about $15,000 - carpet, 1/2 roof, some drywall and ceiling work. bath is old, didn't see kitchen yet... willb e back on Monday for detailed tour.

Sent out feelers to investors last night... should be a fun spring if this comes together... it's even commutable to work on!

Happy Friday,