Monday, January 14, 2008

Should I have done this?

About 5 or 6 years ago my buddy Mike introduced me to buying HUD foreclosures... most of these have done nicely,,, but there was this one little place I jumped on for $6,000 and it's still sitting. (or should I say 'sagging'?)

Here's the slide show from yesterday's tour... I didn't even take photos of the worst of it. This is the left end of a row house. Everything sags foward the end wall. Roof looks like old cow's back, complete with ribs showing. The addition our toward the back is kitchen.laundry/shower and furnace room... and a stiff breeze would level the whole addition.

  • Remove the side porch and the back addition and make it a one-bedroom cottage. Would be cute, but don't know about that sagging wall.
  • Tear the whole thing down and park a mobile home in its place. Water/sewer and electric are all there...
  • How about I just show up there for a few days and pretend I'm going to fix it to rent... maybe the neighbor will appear with $10K and solve my problem...
stay tuned~~~


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