Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just the kitchen

One Day, One Project, One Kitchen...

Didn't put in much time on this place this week, but did get the kitchen cabinets done.

In the original photos you'll see the right end of the kitchen countertop was dropped about 5 inches to create a desk area. Lynn (Realtor) suggested I raise that countertop up and install a dishwasher. I just love it when a fresh mind gets their fingers into a project... lol

Picked up some matching materials at Lowes and boxed in a blank section above the short drawer section. Added a blank to the left of that 'box' and framed all around the area up to the level of the raised counter. Pulled the raised section against the existing part ( chiseled off the green trim strip from the end of the upper section.) andit came together pretty well. Have to cut a block from the removed greet trim strip to patch the space in the front between the two counters.

and then there's the "why haven't we closed in that hole yet?" issue in the laundry.

This ended up being a bit of a blessing... The kitchen vent fan came out of the box this week... easy to install,,, where to run wires?

Poked a hole ( a couple holes) thru the adjacent wall and dropped a piece of rope down thru the wall to the mysterious hole in the laundry room. This was originally an outside wall and there's at least one layer of plaster, maybe two, plus paneling on the kitchen side. With some struggling, managed to get the wire to make the bend downward and pulled to the laundry.

Will return next week with a duplex outlet box to install down at shin level and tie the vent fan in at the same time. Will have to pick up a circuit in the basement.

Other: remembered ( after 14 months) that the floor of the cabinet under the sink was decayed. Busted that out, added 1x2's around the perimeter for new floor and took dimensions home for a place of plywood next week. Got around to (because it was in the way of the raised countertop) raising the outlet on that wall about 4 inches and moving to a surface mount box. Patched the old opening. Measured (which I had done ages ago but lost) the two remaining windows and the back entry door... what a pain... the door is 74 inches tall... will have to cut down whatever door ends up going in there. TRIED to put office and laundry ceiling lights in place but have taken all electrical misc back home... will bring brackets next week...

Updated photos to finished album and headed home.

Happy Sunday,

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