Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally,,, a house I couldn't love!

This looks like a loosing proposition. Slide Show

Located on a busy 4-lane, north of Hazleton. The community is known for rising prices and high taxes. Budding office park is 1/2 mile north, and if the strip took off a retail there'd be some potential for long term gain... unfortunately, that's gonna be a while.

This is the best looking image I have of the house, so open the slide show with caution. The interior floor plan is really squirrelly.

I think there must have been an addition made to create the living room, which is behind that first floor window on the left. The basement supports that thought also. That would explain how that room is accessible thru a corner door, and not more prominent when entering the house. Actually, when you step in thru the front door you're not even entering a room... not even a foyer... sorta like stepping into the middle of a hall.

The wall between the dining room and the living room needs to be opened up, or at least a BIG arch opened so you can get there from here.

The angular arch between the kitchen and dining room is really odd... with a 'pass thru' phone shelf right out of the 30's. The cabinets are older than dirt.

Upstairs things get worse. One bedroom is about the shape of a one-lane bowling alley, and is paneled with blank masonite. It's so wavy and warped it looks like it's padded.

The bath looks like an alcove in a tomb. There's nothing about the upstairs that I could find appealing. Somehow 'dormitory' sounds like too warm and cuddly a phrase for this place.

Big back yard, two car garage, nice trees. Houses to either side are OK. One house away looks like it's getting a makeover. Otherwise the section of highway is pretty dead looking.

Think I'll pass.


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