Sunday, December 9, 2007

Palmyra This Week


Got quite a bit done this week... Having Nick around sure speeds the projects, adds opinions and suggestions... see what's crooked before glue sets.

Lifted office floor 1"+ to eliminate slope. This room was originally the back porch. When they enclosed it they just built up floor without bringing to level.

Nick finished both bathrooms. Had to fit the 1/2 bath toilet twice... shortcuts in this area never payoff.

Thursday took on new awning for front entry. Had the concept in mind from looking at other places along Main Street. Built awning to be suported by columns. Will keep snow load from being supported by front wall of house... who knows how strong that wall is. Routed flutes in columns for decoration. Routed back of right column for elect for overhead light.

Doorbell will be wireless.

Having cut into the fromt wall in several places to install elect stuff, found it's hiding a facing of yellow brick.

Nick installed smokes.

Need to take down a computer powerstrip to handle multiple powertools... that octypus of cords almost got me twice.

Returning Tuesday to continue.

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