Sunday, December 9, 2007

7th St, Hazleton

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Tenant moved Thanksgiving weekend... was Section-8 which included all utilities... great tenant but marginal income for me. Bumped the rent to $595 and rented it right away... tenant pays all!! Yeaaa

Last week I spend one day organizing and hitting walls with plaster in several areas. Yesterday I cleaned up most of plaster and started painting. Two areas need another coat of plaster today... how'd they knock a 2'x2' hole in wall across brom bath?

Back Bedroom came out nice with one coat of eggshell. BR 2 was pink and may need second coat. Master BR looks good with one coat. Will have to check if fresh plaster covered or will leave an image.

Guy showed up who looks decent. Liked the room sizes and loved the hardwood. Signed a lease and he'll move in mext week whether it's done or not. Today will do as much paint as posssible. Hopefully bath leaks are over,,, livingroom ceiling has creeping repair that's been going on for years...

Will do carpets Friday. Could use two more days, but none available this week.

More after today.


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