Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Buy to remodel?

I know that this blog needs more attention... to many things in life to focus on just one... whatever!

Here's a link to an article that really sparked my interest. A Realtor who takes a contractor along to show houses. The home buyer can get an on the spot opinion of the complexity of making changes while touring the property, right up front.

We actually did exactly this a few years ago in Hazleton. The situation was such that I was helping an investor friend find her first project. My job was to find the house, do the estimate and to the rehab... worked perfect!! The Realtor was shocked at the poor condition of the property ( Double house that needed the center wall raised 6"!) To me it looked like three weeks of lifting and a month to rehab the rest... came out right on the money. The investor held it for just over a year and practically doubled her investment.

Here's the article.

Enjoy the day! Jeff

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