Friday, February 1, 2008

Found one!

Buddy Mike emailed an address yesterday. A forclosure about 15 miles from here, in a quite rural area that I like! $19,900 and worth the trip to check it out.

Of course, I mappointed the location but didn't read the directions so I was 1/2 mile away asking people where Park Street was... Everyone agreed that the old Park Street was now Manassas ( or something like that) so the #54 I was looking for didn't exist... a call to Mike turned up the correct directions and I scooted south.

No camera ( or so I thought... it was buried in the back seat), so no pics. Place is a bit 'pieced together' but workable. listed for $19,900 as is. Small lot, but has deck and aboveground pool. Quiet side street facing south toward over grown valley and mountain which had been amusement park 50 years ago. Minutes from interstate.

Last time it sold it was $30,000, apraised for $39,000. Should go for easy $55 - $75 if upgraded and marketed right. needs about $15,000 - carpet, 1/2 roof, some drywall and ceiling work. bath is old, didn't see kitchen yet... willb e back on Monday for detailed tour.

Sent out feelers to investors last night... should be a fun spring if this comes together... it's even commutable to work on!

Happy Friday,


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