Friday, December 28, 2007

we 12 14

Short week, but finished some good stuff. Painted the Kitchen two tone... almost matches vinyl. Sean came over to assist erecting the awning over the front door... fit remarkable well, after all the pre planning I did... thank God!

I was back there yesterday but didn't do any photos. Lynn (Realtor) came up with $154,500 pricetag, and good reviews. Need to finish all the little stuff.

Hung (rehung) a door to the attic. Robert installed it 1/2 inch too far recessed. Measured and spec'd out trim for living room windows and front door. Installed mailbox and doorbell. Hauled trash, hauled leftover boards and hardware. Two missions are: find $2000 for interior doors and two windows and (2) find $4000 for carpet.

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